Imagine newsletters that inspire people to enroll in sessions

(and you do hardly any work)

What can the right newsletter do for your business?

Not all fitness or yoga newsletters are created equal. At worst, the wrong newsletter can simply be a waste of time. At best, the right newsletter is an amazing tool that …
    • Builds community
    • Creates referrals
    • Passively generates sign-ups
    • Promotes events
    • Extends your reputation as an expert
    • Introduces new courses/offerings
    • Communicates important news
    • Contributes to people’s health
    • Reaches new audiences for you
    • Enhances your confidence

If that’s what you’re looking for in a newsletter, then we’ve got you covered!

Fit Newsletters are your silent sales force…

“It's exciting when someone says they signed up for a class because they saw it in my newsletter. ... Fit Newsletters make me feel a lot better about asking people to join my mailing list.”
Miya Allred
Yoga Miya

Fit Newsletters have personality…

Our newsletters give you an inbox persona that positions you as the obvious expert. They’re designed for mobile reading, where 67% of your readers are today. They’re professionally written and full of personality. They’re ready for you to add friendly content that reminds people why they like working with you…and shows new people why they can trust you.

Readers Will Like What You Send

Pro Content

They'll get workouts, health news, recipes, and fun add-ons, all designed to enhance your expertise. We design the articles to be to be short, so your newsletters are tight and readable.


We include multiple ways for people to connect and explore. We link to your scheduling app or information page. No scheduling app? No problem. We can link to a PDF, or your email.

Easy to Personalize

You can change anything you like, or use the personalization section to drop in personal content. Or send the newsletter as-is with no changes, if you like. It works great either way.

Attractive Design

Newsletters come in many designs. We use a layout that's uncrowded, clean on mobile, and easy to edit. We offer several header options, or you can create your own.

FAQ – Top Questions about Fit Newsletters

  • Each month you get two ready-to-go newsletters. We write and design them…you personalize and send them.
  • We link with Mailchimp to give you an editing and sending platform. Mailchimp allows up to 2,000 contacts free on their basic plan. If you stay under 2,000 contacts, you may not need to pay any additional marketing costs beyond your newsletter fee…making our $13/mo newsletter program unbeatable!
  • We provide a cut-and-paste library of extra articles and fun snippets.
  • Your newsletters are fully linked to your schedule, contact info, logo & social media accounts. No logo? We’ll create a Company Name image for you. No website? We can use a PDF to describe your offerings.
  • We provide full tutorials and personal support.

Research shows that the fitness and yoga markets respond best to two to four newsletters per month. We think two regular newsletters for a local, personal business owner is sufficient. More than that and you risk people ignoring your messages. But one is definitely not enough in today’s mobile world.

Every newsletter includes one professional article about healthy living and two “snippets” of content designed for interaction (a video, recipe, game). You can choose the yoga-centric version or the fitness-centeric version of the newsletter. We also provide an ever-changing library of cut & paste content you can use to substitute the main article, or add a second article.

The middle of the newsletter includes a DRAG AND DROP section where you can insert personal content. You’re not limited to this spot…you can add content anywhere you like in the newsletter, but this center area makes it easier.

Click to see each section: ANATOMY OF A FIT NEWSLETTER.

In a nutshell…time. We take away the burden of figuring out how to write, design, and produce a newsletter from scratch. By starting with our finished newsletters, then adding your content, you end up with a personalized newsletter a lot faster.

We write them. You send them. This program requires that you set up a free Mailchimp account (or use an existing Mailchimp account if you have one). Here are the steps:

1. Sign Up for Service

Subscribe to FitNewsletters for $13/mo. Also sign up for a Mailchimp account. We’ll configure them to work together.

2. Load to Mailchimp

After registering, log into the newsletters library. Click to load the newsletters directly into Mailchimp. 

3. Edit & Send

Use Mailchimp’s drag & drop editor to customize and send your newsletters.

You can do this! Mailchimp isn’t perfectly intuitive, but our tutorials will show you how it works. We’ll also provide live help by phone as needed. We’re here for you. Most people will have both monthly newsletters personalized and scheduled in about 15-20 minutes. Or less, if you don’t want to add any personal content. Literally, you can send these ‘as-is’ in under two minutes.

Reviews from Fit Newsletters Fans

They really do make it easy. I don't have to figure it out all by myself, and they do a much better job than I would anyway. The response from my list is well worth the little bit of time it takes to make it my own.
Kat Traore
From Fat to Fit
I tried writing newsletters myself. Either I never got around to it, or the result was really lame. These are so much better, and I don't come across from some marketing angle. I'm a friendly guy, and I want my newsletters to be that way. ... They also get a pretty high open-rate, so that's a good sign. people like them.
Reese Kensington
Reese Training
I wanted to let you know that I just spoke to a client. She said my newsletters make her smile and she enjoys them. No one ever said that about my newsletters before I started using Fit Newsletters! That's the best endorsement I can think of. Keep up the good work!
Claire Littleton
Shape Up Yoga
We've been using Fit Newsletters for a year as part of our marketing program, and our students love them. They'll even send them to their friends, which is something we suggest. I'd say we've gotten quite a few new students from it. Love the price, too.
Beth Briscoe
New Leaf on Life Yoga


Your subscription includes:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your first month’s content, cancel within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked we’re easy to get along with. You can cancel anytime you need to. We do not charge a set-up fee.


Recurring billing — Your credit card will be automatically billed $13 monthly. *This program works with MailChimp’s free basic plan, which allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers free. (If you exceed 2,000 subscribers, MailChimp will charge additional fees.) View our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.