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Grow your business BY EMAIL

Now you can maintain ongoing relationships by email, without all the work of creating your own newsletters from scratch each month. Our smart monthly newsletters help you fill more sessions, keep people enrolled longer, and generate more referrals. They’re also 100% customizable, so you can still make them as personal as you like.

“It’s exciting when someone signs up for a class because they saw it in my newsletter.” ~Miya Allred, Miya Yoga

Why not write your own newsletters?

Because your time is worth more than $9/mo… With Fit Newsletters, you don’t worry about newsletter design, HTML coding, researching quality content, writing your own articles, adding relevant links, hunting for images, or thinking about mobile access. We do it for you.


How It Works

We produce two fresh newsletters each month. You send them yourself, using your own Mailchimp account. (We’ll show you how.) You can also customize them with schedule updates, introductions, event links, etc, using Mailchimp’s drag and drop editor. Many of our pro users simply send the newsletters as-is to save time.

To use the newsletters…

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ 2 complete, ready-to-send email newsletters monthly

  • Designed in HTML to open beautifully in mobile or desktop, and 100% customizable in Mailchimp.
  • Your personal information is pre-loaded, including a link to your scheduling page, app, or a PDF.

✔ Our library of extra copy & paste articles

  • Pre-formatted in HTML, you can paste these articles directly into your newsletters and they’ll look perfect. You can also use these articles to create additional newsletters if you like.

Mailchimp and Fit Newsletters are separate entities. Mailchimp is a mass email marketing company, and is FREE for up to 2,000 contacts. You can use it to collect new subscribers, view open rates, control
bounces, post newsletters directly to social media, and more.

We create newsletters with energy, not cookie-cutter junk mail. The content sounds like you wrote it yourself, so you’re the expert sharing your thoughts. You’re front and center…motivating, encouraging, and generating business. We use current email marketing best practices, including keeping your newsletters short, punchy, and personal.

1. Sign Up

Subscribe now for $9/mo. PLUS a one-time $13 setup fee. We offer 100% money-back guarantee, including your setup fee.                                                            

2. Create a Free Mailchimp Account

After you register, we’ll connect to your Mailchimp account to configure it for our newsletters. See Mailchimp details here.                                           

3. Start using the newsletters

Use our one-click upload to add our newsletters into your personal Mailchimp account. Start using them right away.                                   

No, if you’re just starting out, you don’t even need a website. You can run your entire business using just your newsletters.

Not everyone has a logo. If you don’t, we can create a Business Name logo for your newsletters. 

If you can use a mouse to drag, drop, cut, paste, upload and insert, then you can do this program.

No. We write them. You send them. It’s one of the trade-offs for keeping your cost to just $11/mo,  but it also gives you more control over what you send and when you send it.

Fans of Fit Newsletters

I'm not techy, but I was able to learn to do this pretty quick. ... I hated writing my own newsletters, so this really works for me.
Kat Traore
From Kat to Fit
These are so much better than what I used to send, which always made me come across like a marketing company. I'm a friendly guy, and I want my newsletters to be that way. The feedback is that people seem to like them.
Reese Kensington
Reese Training
I wanted to let you know that I just spoke to a client. She said my newsletters make her smile and she enjoys them. No one ever said that about my newsletters before. That's the best endorsement I can think of. Keep up the good work!
Claire Littleton
Shape Up Yoga
We've been using Fit Newsletters for a year as part of our marketing program, and our students love them. I'd say we've gotten quite a few new students from it. Love the price, too.
Beth Briscoe
New Leaf on Life Yoga



We’re proud to offer you this simple, powerful newsletter to help you grow your business.

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