About us

We Love Small Business Owners (like us)!

  • Our mission is to help independent local fitness entrepreneurs like you live a freedom lifestyle.
  • We provide smart, reasonably priced products to help you grow your income without taking much from your pocket.

How We Accomplish Our Mission 

Our company focuses on the art of client retention. We’ve been producing newsletters since 2006, serving independent fitness instructors, personal trainers, and massage therapists, as well as real estate agents and other small business owners. We focus on LOCAL businesses, especially solo and duo owner businesses.

Our fitness newsletters started as a labor of love for a friend who had just started his own bootcamp-in-the-park business. Mark asked if we would help market his business, so we created a sequence of email newsletters. Within a year, he had to hire help to operate his bootcamps, they had become so popular. His success was a combination of his own great personality and the personality we put into his newsletters to generate referrals. He simply never let anyone go once they had been in touch with him.

We currently write and produce print and email newsletters for over 1,500 local business owners just like you throughout the US and Canada.

“Personality-driven newsletters are one of the secret ingredients to a long-lasting service business.” ~ Linda Schneider

Our writing team in San Diego.

Plenty of time off to stay mentally and physically fit.

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Our offsite (India) team.

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